Get Active

Get Active (2)

Ways of getting involved are:

  • Parks group volunteers

From time to time, we organise working action parties to help with shrub and flower bed maintenance, litter clearing and graffiti removal.  It is a marvellous way of getting fresh air, meeting other local residents, and seeing the immediate effect of your work!

To be notified of future action parties so you can take part (there is no obligation to come to all of them) please contact who will you make sure you get email notification of future action parties.

  • Street scene volunteers

Keeping the local streets clean and tidy is vital to maintaining the beautiful character of the place we are lucky enough to live in.  Unfortunately, it does not look after itself – and once litter is dropped or dirt accumulates it is only too easy for a street to become shoddy and unkempt quite quickly.

Street scene volunteers actively look after their immediate locality – watching for litter accumulation, graffiti, or even autumnal leaves – and taking action to prevent any deterioration.  This is perfect for someone who may just have an odd half hour here and there and likes to take pride in where they live.  It is also a great way of getting to know your immediate neighbours as many a conversation is started with passers by – they may even want to get involved themselves!

Street scene volunteers also report issues such as overhanging hedges, offensive or larger instances of graffiti/tagging or fly-tipping to the council who will deal with the problem, often within 24 hours.

For further information please contact who can talk you through the type of activities typically undertaken and the support that RCAS can provide.

  • Friends of Redland Station group

Redland Station is a beautiful Victorian station which is heavily used by those who live in the area.  Unfortunately, it is looking increasingly unkempt and could easily become an eyesore if local residents do not step in to take action.

Hence, we are asking for volunteers who will help to keep the station clean and embankments clear of fly-tipping and overgrown brambles, run the noticeboard and look after the planters.

For further information on how you can get involved in this project – or, indeed, to put forward your own ideas – please contact who will bring you up to date with planned activities.