Am I in the area covered by RCAS?

see the map here

How do I report a problem?

# Street issues eg litter, overgrown hedges, graffiti, streetlight outage
Report online to Bristol City Council here 

Reports are automatically forwarded to the relevant officers. The council and Bristol Waste Company respond very promptly. Owners are notified of overgrown hedges and BCC will do work and charge them if they are not cut back.

# Post box issues eg tagging, graffiti, maintenance email postbox.appearance@royalmail.co.uk
giving the location and the postbox number which is found at the bottom of the white plastic sign that states the collection times in the subject line and asking “Please arrange for an event to be raised through the property Helpdesk for ROMEC to respond and repair/ repaint the box”

#Parks and Green Spaces report full bins in parks and play spaces or other maintenance issues online here 

#Trees report issues or find out about sponsoring trees here

# Noise including late night party noise here

If you think the noise is caused by student households report it also to either of the University Liaison officers
University of Bristol – community-living@bristol.ac.uk
University of the West of England – community@uwe.ac.uk

# Possible breach of planning rules here

# Dog issues including dog fouling. Report as Street Issue or here

# Criminal activities– contact police; call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger, or if the crime is in progress; otherwise call on 101, or email the beat officers at Cotham beat or Redland Beat or see their website www.avonandsomerset.police.uk

What Roadworks are planned in the area?

# Road works: find out about planned roadworks here

Bristol Water: https://inyourarea.digdat.co.uk/bristolwater

Services including Water/ Western Power etc: https://one.network/

How can I help ?

See our volunteer page for a list of projects and roles that we would welcome your assistance with.