Street Scene

RCAS has been working with the BCR Street Scene Group which covers the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland area and also works across boundaries with other groups across the city.

The group regularly meets to discuss ways of dealing with waste and recycling issues, trade and resident bin problems and graffiti and fly-posting.

Street Scene volunteers work individually to clear their streets or neighbourhood, to report issues such as overgrown hedges and fly-tipping, and come together on action parties to raise the profile of direct action. RCAS and the Street Scene Group work with Keep Bristol Tidy, the council and Bristol Waste Company.

Volunteers are always welcome to join the SSG, and members who already do clearing-up in their streets are encouraged to become part of the SSG mailing group so they can be alerted to actions or opportunities, or changes in council processes. The SSG has leaflets that people can use to talk to new student residents, and access to equipment for sharing.

Any resident can report issues to the relevant organisations. Please see the BCR Street Scene Group website page for a full list of organisations and reporting contacts.

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