Planning group

What the RCAS Planning Group does…

  • We review the Council’s weekly list of planning applications and Notifications from Planning Online of developments in our area.
  • We focus on development proposals that will have a significant impact, that are visible to the wider community, and that impact on the sustainability of our neighbourhood.  We do not normally comment on back garden extensions or on schemes which have a minor local impact.
  • We refer to the National, Regional and Local planning policies and guidance when compiling our comments.
  • When objecting, we give detailed reasons and at times suggest how proposals could be improved.
  • We support well-designed schemes that will enhance the neighbourhood.
  • We meet developers before applications are made (pre-application stage) to help shape development for the better.
  • We get involved with shaping planning policy at consultation stage, and help with eg the Conservation Area character appraisal drafting.
  • We use the Quarterly Newsletters to set out the RCAS Committee’s view on planning issues and, when time scales allow, to report on major applications.

What RCAS members can do…

RCAS members are strongly recommended to

  • Sign up for planning updates for their area and read the notices on local lamp posts
  • look at what is proposed, and make comments direct to the Planners
  • check RCAS comments on applications which are posted on Bristol City Council ‘Planning online

If you wish to make your views are known to us, we can take these into account when framing any comments made on behalf of the Society. We also take into account public comments posted on Planning Online, where appropriate.

How to find out about planning applications in your area…

  • On the Bristol City Council website there is a map which shows all planning applications- go to the Bristol City Council Pinpoint map and on the left hand side under Local Information > Environment and Planning> tick in the box for Planning Applications. This will then show all current applications and appeals.
  • You can also register for regular notifications for planning applications on the Bristol City Council Planning Online See BCC webpage How to Use Planning Online for instructions on how to set this up.
  • Alternatively, there is a website, where you can sign up for news of planning applications in your area.

The current RCAS Planning Group…

The Group currently includes

  • Simon Birch
  • Alison Bromilow
  • Dave Jones (tree applications)

other members assist from time to time.

RCAS planning group development principles…

  • RCAS supports the retention and reuse of local landmark buildings or important elements of building
  • RCAS is opposed to the formation of off-street parking bays which entail removal of boundary walls and gate pillars, and hard surfaces in place of soft landscaping
  • RCAS is opposed to loss of important trees in streets and gardens
  • RCAS is opposed to loss of green space
  • RCAS supports good design whether modern or period style
  • RCAS opposes conversion of family housing into student Houses in Multiple Occupation particularly in areas of high concentration of student HMOs and in development proposals which would impact adversely on local residents because of the number of residents, and/or failure to provide good management for waste and recycling
  • RCAS supports provision of affordable housing and objects to the loss of viable employment uses