What you can do…

RCAS is not always aware of licensing applications and is no longer able to attend the Hearings of the Licensing Committee to present objections.

If you are interested in keeping track of licence applications for RCAS, we would welcome a volunteer. Contact us through 

The role of individual objectors is therefore critical.
RCAS can give advice on the best points to make based on knowledge of the law and attitude of Licensing Committee.

We therefore invite residents to…

  • Keep a look out for Licence Applications. Blue Notices have to be posted on the window of the premises
  • Read and write or email objections to Council Licensing Department
  • Tell RCAS what you are doing
  • Invite neighbours to object
  • Copy your objections to your Councillors. They are allowed to object on your behalf
  • Be prepared to attend a Hearing if possible

RCAS is not anti pub or anti fun!
But we suggest that ‘a good night out’ should not mean a bad night in for nearby residents.