Help shape development

Help shape developmentjoin the Gold Star assessors or planning group

RCAS works to shape development through the Gold Star awards and through the planning process.

Volunteers to help with either of those tasks would be very welcome. Please contact us through in the first instance and the relevant committee member will get in touch with you.


Volunteers to help on the Gold Star awards team are needed

  • to identify developments for consideration each year by inviting members to submit suggestions
  • to advertising the invitation through the newsletter in May, and confirming the shortlist through the newsletter in September
  • to research the project, finding out names of owners, architects and developers/builders
  • to draw up the short list of projects for assessment
  • to arrange the ‘walkabout’ assessment in September each year
  • to join the ‘walkabout’ team to discuss and agree awards
  • to photograph the shortlisted projects
  • to write the citations for each of the shortlisted projects
  • to contact the owners, architects and developers/builders to invite them to the presentation ceremony at the AGM in November
  • to produce the Gold Star award certificates
  • to produce a slideshow / printed display of the shortlisted projects
  • to present the awards at the AGM
  • to produce a short report on the awards for press release following the presentations

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The planning group currently comprises 4 members and works through email contact between group members, rather than face-to-face meetings, except when meeting developers at pre-application stage.

RCAS comments on planning applications which have an impact on the public realm ie that face onto streets and parks, rather than on rear extensions. RCAS comment on tree applications in private (including back) gardens where a reduction in tree canopy for the area is proposed.

RCAS planning group tasks 

  • check the planning application lists weekly for applications within the membership area
  • assess which applications the group should respond to
  • allocate group member to application
  • comment on applications on BCC Planning Online, checking other comments from local residents and organisations
  • brief planning group member who attends Conservation Advisory Panel
  • compile newsletter reports on applications
  • engage with Bristol City Council and WEP planning policy consultation including helping with the Character Appraisal for the Conservation Area policy documents for the area
  • attend Conservation Advisory Panel meetings
  • attend Bristol Neighbourhood Planning Network quarterly meetings with BCC
  • engage with developers at pre-application stage, through meetings and email, raising local issues and aspirations

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