Help with RCAS 2019:

If you can help, or would like to find out more about any of these opportunities, please email us at 


Our previous secretary Graham Rogers stood down at the 2018 AGM so we need to find someone who can take the minutes at the committee meetings and AGM. We have about 8 meetings a year, at around 6 week intervals, held in the committee members houses, which last about 1 1/2 hours each. We use email for communications. We also have the AGM in November each year.
Could you help? if you would like to find out more please contact and we would be very happy to discuss in more detail.

Newsletter editor:

We are looking for one or more people to take on the role of newsletter editor from 2020.  The newsletter is produced 4 times a year and the reports are provided by other members of the committee.  The editor’s role is to collate and format these reports so that they fit into an A5 booklet, select (or take!) seasonal photos to fill in any spaces, send to the printers and then pass the resulting newsletters on to the trusty team of volunteer distributors.

Typically, it takes around 2-3 days each quarter and can be done at home in your own time.  It requires competence in using a computer (training can be given on the desktop publishing software) and also allows for creative flair when designing the layout of the newsletter and inserting photos.  It is a role that could easily be shared if desired.

If you would like to find out more please contact the current editor, Peter Wilde,, or and we would be very happy to discuss in more detail.

Planning group:

Simon Birch, Alison Bromilow and Gillian Penrose divide up the applications in our area among the group and use email to discuss our responses. If the application is particularly large or significant we may meet together to discuss. We also meet developers in the early stages of design to identify particular issues and try to shape the development to compliment the area. We attend occasional University of Bristol forward planning meetings where development which may affect Redland and Cotham residents is discussed. We are a small team and would be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to work with us.

Student liaison:

Could you help Rob Harris and Alison on student and university liaison matters? We attend Community meetings with the Universities 2-4 times a year and work with Chandos Neighbourhood Association and other local organisations such as Clifton & Hotwells Improvements society and Andrew Waller of The Noise Pages. We are working with the university and police to try to tackle issues of asb and noise particularly in areas of high student density.


We currently do not have anyone who keeps an eye on local licence applications. The licensing list is put on the council website on a weekly basis and we can make representations to the committee about licences in our area. We work with local Councillors and other local groups such as the Hampton Park and Cotham Hill residents or Clifton Down Community Association. If you have a computer and would like to take on this task, please get in touch.

Parks groups:

RCAS work with Redland Green Community Group to bring forward projects in Redland Green, and as a Friends group for Cotham Gardens. RCAS is represented at the Bristol Parks Forum which meets 3/4 times a year. We liaise with the Parks Department to shape management and arrange workparties to tackle litter, graffiti and bramble clearance. We would welcome someone who would help on Cotham Gardens, where our current interests are play equipment replacement and augmentation, litter issues, liaison with Cotham Gardens Primary School, tree planting and flower bed maintenance. We respond to council proposals on parks ice-cream concessions licences and Parks and Green Spaces Strategy, which is due for update next year. If any of this sounds like you get in touch.

Marketing team:

Would you like to help with sharing information on the Facebook Page or website? Write on local issues for the society for inclusion in the local free newsletters? emails to RCAS members? We use Mail Chimp for emails and WordPress for the website. We can help you if you are not already familiar with those apps.

Small Grants manager:

RCAS has a healthy bank balance and is inviting applications from members for projects which contribute to the society’s aims. We need someone to receive these applications, bring them to committee meetings for discussion and respond to the applicants. Graham Rogers used to do this task but has stepped down from the committee. Is this something you would like to do for RCAS?